Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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Peace in the Lord to my brothers in Him, Messrs. Ho

and Huang:

I have not corresponded with you for a long time, and my spirit misses you. I miss you, but even more I remember you when I pray. The brothers and sisters here also want to know how you are. The Present Testimony and Notes on Scriptural Messages have not been sent to us for quite a while. We do not know the reason.

Recently, we have been blessed by God and are learning to fight in our environment. For this reason, I have retired to live in a quiet straw hut to fellowship alone with God. Oh! How very good this is! Hymns #53, 67, 68, and 176 have become my personal hymns. I know that the trials are past and grace has come. The brothers and sisters here are very obedient to God, but they are immature and lacking in cultivation and watering. Please remember them before God. There are nine brothers and sisters who have been baptized here, and we have had the table meeting for five weeks. May God lead His children to come under His name as obedient children. (Parts omitted.)

Your younger brother in the Lord,
Yuan Chin Chou
November 11, 1933


To Sister Ruth Lee in the Lord:

(Parts omitted.) I really hope to come to next year’s conference and receive the gift of the Father together with you, but I do not know whether or not the Lord will allow me to. A brother came to Peking, and the brothers and sisters here benefited quite a bit. It really was God answering our prayer. The word in Jeremiah 3:15 was fulfilled. I believe that He will continue to give us more grace. (Parts omitted.)

Your sister in the Lord,
T’ao Hsin An
November 14, 1933


Sister Ruth:

We had our first meeting on November 19. Tentatively we will meet once every two weeks, but maybe we will soon meet once a week. We also hope to have another meeting for preaching the gospel. However, at the present, we only have a table meeting and are waiting for the rest.

The place of our meeting is 29 Stone Embankment Bridge Alley, Northwest Street, Soochow.

Now we have three brothers and six sisters meeting together.

In the first meeting, Brother Stephen Kaung spoke on Hebrews 4 and helped us to know the Lord more deeply in our spirits.

Our offerings are handled by the three brothers. Through our prayer we arrived at the same mind to give the entire sum of our offerings to brothers and sisters in other localities. (Parts omitted.)

Your sister,
Tsuo Fu Ju
November 25, 1933

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 2, by Watchman Nee)