Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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To my brother in the Lord, Brother Yueh Chiao:

May the Lord preserve you brothers in Shanghai in peace and may your bodies and spirits remain healthy in this very hot summer.

The meeting in Ning Hai held a ten-day training for the workers from July 18 to July 28. Many believers came from all the localities to attend the training. Brother David Hsu was led by the Lord to come bear the responsibility for the meetings. In the mornings he spoke about how Christ is the Head over all things and about the position of the overcomers. In the evenings, he preached the gospel to sinners. In the afternoons, we discussed the truth concerning the church. We really praise the Lord because He gave a good testimony through Brother Hsu and drew many people to the truth.

Some among us have already written a letter corporately to the China Inland Mission requesting that they allow us to meet freely in the Lord’s name. The only relationship we will have with them is our relationship in the Lord, nothing else. If they do not concede, a small number of us will leave. As for the other matters, we do them one by one as we receive the light. The most difficult point is how to discern those who still have doubts concerning the matter of salvation. This matter requires the prayer of the brothers.

Brother Hsu is still here now. I exhorted him to rest several days before leaving.

Is Brother Nee in Shanghai? Have Brother Chang Kuang Jung and Brother Chou Hsin Yi returned from Tsinan? Please greet them for me. (Parts omitted.) I bless you with peace in the Lord!

Your brother,
Hua Shih Pin
July 2



Peace to our dear brother in the Lord, Mr. Nee:

The churches in the P’u Men countryside have received grace from God to gain the truth. There are already five meetings in the Lord’s name here. (Brother Wang Yu T’ing has already published their condition in Collection of Newsletters, so we will not waste time repeating.) However, we are spiritually immature and recently have had a feeling in the light that there should be a conference here. The location of the conference will be brother Fan P’ei Chen’s house in Mu Teh Village near Ma Chan Town. (There is a meeting in the Lord’s name in his house, which is the meeting in Ma Chan spoken of in Collection of Newsletters.) This is in the center of the P’u Men countryside and is connected with the southern area of Nan Kang River. Brother P’ei Chen’s house is very large. It can hold several hundred people. We have set the dates for September 18 to the 23. On the one hand, we ask God to raise up His work, and on the other hand, we are writing to you to invite you to come help us. This has been our hope for many years. It is also what we earnestly pray for night and day before God. Furthermore, our work has just begun and there are many errors. We hope that you can come advise us so that we can continue in the Lord’s way straightly without going off to the right or the left and can glorify God’s name. When this letter arrives, please send us an answer quickly. If you yourself cannot come, it would be best if you could send another brother. We respectfully make this request. We bless you with joy in the Lord.

Your little brothers,
Fan P’ei Chen, Lee Kuan Hsin, Lin Wei Ch’ing,
Lee Hsi Ming, Wen Ching Yi, Su T’i Sheng,
Fan Chun Shan, Lin Li Ming

We greet Brothers Witness Lee, Chang Kuang Jung, Chou Hsin Yi, and Ho Yueh Chiao with this and will not send them another letter.

Mailing Address: c/o Mr. Wen Ching Yi, Ma Chan, P’u Men, Chekiang

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 10, by Watchman Nee)