Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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Greetings to my dear brother in the Lord, Mr. Nee:

I received a copy of Collection of Newsletters the day before yesterday and realized the need for mutual fellowship. When I first believed in the Lord, I met in Su Chia Tsui, which is about thirteen miles from here. The second year, Brother Chen Yung Pao believed in the Lord, and we went to the meetings together. In the third year, God worked in my house to save my mother, wife, and third younger brother. God also saved Brother Chen’s father and his wife. At the same time, God saved another brother and three other sisters. There were eleven people who went to Su Chia Tsui for the meetings. Before Brother Chen believed in the Lord, he farmed for others and had never been to school. God loved him and chose him. Brother Chen loves God and gave his house to God for meetings in the Lord’s name. Messrs. Ting and Chiu were at the first table meeting with eight of us. We thank the Lord that God alone operated to heal sicknesses, cast out demons, and add sinners to the church. He commissioned us with the work of saving people. In three years God has saved more than fifty people. Brothers and sisters in the Lord, please do not forget us in your prayers. May the grace of God be with you in Christ. Peace be to you.

The littlest one in the Lord,
Hsu Chin Yun


(This letter was sent by Mr. Miao Wan Hsiu to Mr. Chiang in Ch’ang-ch’un.)

Peace in the Lord to Brother Shun Tien:

Since we parted ways, you have thought of me much. I really am thankful! I have already decided that I have no choice but to go the way of obedience. However, to man’s view, it is very, very difficult to go this way! In my home, my wife, who is faithful to the denominations, opposes me. This is merely Satan trying to stop me, and it is nothing major. On the outside, there are those of the denomination who are still coming to move me with love even though they are going on a way which is against the Lord. Sometimes they pray for me; sometimes they say I am very pitiful. Oh, this just shows how confused they are! Furthermore, they have their background. I know that if a person cannot lead others to become closer to God, but instead causes them to go the way of heresy, no matter how lovable he is, no matter how many tears he sheds, he is still the enemy of the Lord.

Oh, the Lord’s will and the emotions of man are before me at the same time. How can I fail to choose the Lord’s will and go against Him?

Thank the Lord who loves us. He has enabled me to tell the denomination that I am resigning from them. They did not agree to my resignation and only allowed me to resign from the post of treasurer and accountant. They said they would still keep my name as one of their members. This does not matter. They can keep whatever they want. I will withdraw myself.

Not many days from now, a person will come to visit who has much authority and power in both the denominational church and in the world and who has a very deep relationship with me. In the past, he has promoted me quite a bit. This old man is going to come to try and stop me. Please help by praying for me that I will hold fast the words "obey the Lord, not man; overcome by the Lord" and pursue on toward the goal without caring for anything else. I respectfully greet you.

Your brother in the Lord,
Miao Wan Hsiu
April 16, 1934


Greetings to Brother Watchman:

Please pray for me and guide me in one matter. Although I knew that if I did not go in the way of God’s will, I could not please Him, I still had not pursued His will. Thank the Lord; He did not put me aside; rather, He bothered me constantly. In the past six months, His light has enlightened me to see the unrighteousness of denominations and that the system of the church I was in has many unscriptural practices. I was bothered even more, and so I left the denomination and came out from among them. But there was a struggle in my heart. If I continue to be a preacher, I am afraid it is not the command of God. If I turn to farming, I am afraid that God will not like it. Furthermore, my family and circumstances have been a big concern to me. I have prayed for this matter for several months, and I do not have any assurance now. I still do not understand God’s will. Please instruct me and pray for me so that I can recognize God in everything, and so I can obey Him and please Him. Amen. I am respectfully waiting for your reply. Serenity!

Lee Keng Tien

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 6, by Watchman Nee)