Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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To my brothers in the Lord,

Tsai Ch’ing and Yueh Chiao:

I received your letter and the books you sent. Be assured.

We recently settled into the meeting hall and our living place (upstairs). We have all the things we need for the household, cooking, and washing clothes. Thank God, He has brought us through well in this first stop. Although there were a few small difficulties in the process of moving, they only helped us become mature that we might praise Him in weariness and suffering.

Since God has now given us this opportunity to rest physically, and since the day has cleared after the rain, we feel in spirit that we see more freshly the beauty of His love. Just as a man suffers endurance for the Lord, he also reaps enjoyment in the Lord. This is what I have learned most recently.

Since Brother Hung came to Ningpo, he has been living with me. There is a bed prepared for him. Sometimes he goes to his house, but he always comes back here at night. This way I will not be too lonely. He has also helped with much of the heavy work. I really thank God for His fineness—He has prepared everything for me.

I do not go to visit the sisters here often. Since coming to Ningpo, I have seen Miss Chang Yu Hua twice and Miss Chen Mei Fang several times. Aside from these visits, I have not gone out. The times I mentioned were to ask about things or to do business. I see that these sisters are very good. They absolutely obey the truth, not like many sisters who like it both ways.

Since a certain sister has come to Ningpo, the other sisters seem to think it strange that she does not cover her head. This sister also told them clearly why she does not cover her head. I think that it will not be too difficult to answer this question. What is important is still our heart and our attitude.

With regard to our meetings, there is only a sisters’ meeting on Hsiao Wen Street at the Wang’s house. We are still waiting for God’s time to start the table meeting. God will only be responsible for what He begins, and He will bear the responsibility to the end.

Now that we have rented this building, people on the outside know about us. In the past week, there have already been two married women (perhaps one is unmarried) and one man who are all "free preachers" that came here to ask me a few questions. I talked with them first about the matters of life. The next day one of the married women brought someone. She wanted to know about the matter of the church. May the God who came here first continue to do His own work. May He also stop human hindrances. Since coming to Ningpo, I am only afraid of one thing, that is, that man will ruin what God has started, because we humans are so foolish, weak, and corrupted.

I hope you brothers bear the responsibility to pray for the work here and for me.

Brother Witness Lee is in Shanghai. Please greet him in the Lord. I hope his stomach is not bothered by the food.

I especially thank Brother Huang for the letter he wrote to me. I greet all the brothers and sisters in the Lord with peace.

Your brother,
Hsu Ta Wei
May 22, 1934

(With regard to the matter of whether or not sisters should cover their heads, we hope that an enlightened brother can give an open answer in this publication. As long as our heart in any aspect is not set on our own way but is ready to obey the teachings of the Bible, this will not be a difficult problem to resolve—Editor.)

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 8, by Watchman Nee)