Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), by Watchman Nee

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We ask all the brothers and sisters who meet in the Lord’s name in all the localities to pray for the upcoming work of the Lord in Hangchow.

Some brothers who are in one accord awaiting the Lord’s return feel deeply in prayer that what the church lacks today is not talent, method, or work but a revelation from the Holy Spirit, a spiritual living, and the cultivation of the truth. Therefore, the Father’s center and the Lord’s work should be the two testimonies that every person with life should know assuredly and should diligently practice. For this reason, in our prayer before the throne of the Father, we have decided to have an Overcomer Conference to support the brothers and sisters in the Lord. We hope to be able to have this conference in the fall of this year in Hangchow. We invite all the co-workers throughout China, those who walk in one accord in this way and who desire the truth, as well as all the brothers and sisters who pursue after the Lord’s desire to come to the conference in Hangchow. Barring special hindrances, it will commence at the beginning of October. The conference will last about ten days: The first seven days will be only for preaching the central messages; the last three days will be for separate fellowship meetings among the brothers and the sisters. These fellowship meetings will resolve all kinds of spiritual difficulties and will emphasize the living of the members of the Lord’s Body and their testimony of oneness. After the conference is over, perhaps there will be a few days of Bible study. The Bible study meeting is prepared especially for those brothers and sisters who desire to pursue the truth and please the Lord.

Brother Nee has already promised to bear the responsibility for the central messages of the Overcomer Conference. The rest of the meetings will perhaps be borne by other brothers or sisters. But we deeply know that we are weak and useless. If the Lord does not begin working first, we cannot do anything. For this reason, we ask all the brothers and sisters who care for the Lord’s work to pray earnestly for this Overcomer Conference and for all the matters related to it. We only hope that our Father will be glorified in His church and in our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! Peace in the Lord.

Your brother who is taking a pilgrimage in Hangchow,
Luan Hung Pin
July 4, 1934


Northern Kiangsu

The two brothers, Tsou Ts’ai Kao and Ts’ai Yun Hsien, who were incarcerated for suspicion of committing a crime, were found guilty of carelessness by the judge on May 18. Each was sentenced to three months in jail. They will probably be freed on June 26.


The address of the meeting in Soochow is now 2 Kao Shih Alley as of the end of June.


Brother Chang Kuang Jung left Tsinan on June 30 to return to Shanghai to rest. Brother Chou Hsin Yi is still staying in Tsinan.


We especially ask the brothers and sisters who read this publication to pay attention to one matter. Please do not show this publication to people who are not in one accord with us, lest they use it as material for criticism. (Some have already done this.)


(1) Whoever has any news of the work, the difficulties encountered, the results seen, things to pray for, or other news, please send them as often as possible.

(2) All news should in principle be detailed, true, clear, and edifying. It does not matter whether it is short, long, in common language, or in classical Chinese.

(3) If someone sends you a personal letter that mentions news of a local church, please send it to us so that the brothers in all the localities can know the condition of the Lord’s work.

(4) If there is an announcement about meetings or the work, we are willing to print it.

(5) The responsible brothers in each locality should take care not to give this publication to those who do not meet with us. It is best that we do not give this publication to any brothers who do not walk together with us.

(6) Please send all news to: Editor, Collection of Newsletters, P.O. Box 323, Shanghai.

July 9, 1934

(Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 25: Collection of Newsletters (1), Chapter 9, by Watchman Nee)